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Wire Partitions & Security

Wire Partitions & Security

Pallet Rack Enclosures

Woven wire panels can be mounted directly to pallet rack as a backing system. Mounting bracket length may vary to accommodate pallet overhang. Once in place the panels stop load spillage and create a wall of protection for employees working near the rack.

Storage areas are built from two different types of lockers, a Starter Unit and an Add-On Unit. The Starter Unit is three sided; it consists of two wall panels and a door panel. The Add On Unit is two-sided and consists of a wall panel and a door panel. Add-On Units install adjacent to Starter Units or in the corner of existing rooms.

Lockers come in two styles, single or double tier. The single tier locker has one door which accesses a single storage space. The double tier locker has two doors which access two separate storage areas. Both styles are available in many sizes.

All lockers are made of industrial grade materials 10 gauge steel wire mesh welded into angle frames. Locker types, styles, and sizes may be mixed to meet your needs.

Storage Lockers are ideal for small enclosures. The units may be used individually or as a group. Two styles of lockers, single and double tiered, are available in variety of widths and depths. Doors are pre-hung in angle frames which connect directly to wall panels. Two sided units fit in the corner of existing rooms. Free standing units may be installed anywhere.

a wire pallet rack enclosure
A wire pallet rack enclosure

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