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Mezzanine Vertical Platform Lifts and Elevators

Westhead Associates produces and installs custom mezzanine elevators and vertical platform lifts for manufacturing operations. As a leading provider of custom mezzanines and other types of custom steel fabrication projects, Westhead has an extensive familiarity with all types of standardized building systems and the industrial equipment used to facilitate material handling operations. Material handling systems can include the full range of both portable and fixed systems, from mobile units such as pallet jacks, to mobile and fixed platform lifts, to large mezzanine floor lift systems. Depending on the manufacturing or material handling operation, Westhead Associates can equip your facility with the material handling system best suited for your needs.

Pallet jacks have become of the most common methods to move heavy loads in and around an industrial facility. Lightweight and compact, anyone can readily navigate them into position into a pallet lift, and position into place. Different types of pallet jacks can accommodate different functions such as weight scales, riders, high lift, and pallet jacks for rough terrain. Mezzanine elevators and platform lifts are located in a fixed position in the plan and serve to transport either heavy loads, personnel, or both, up to one or more stories for material processing. Vertical material lifts can be open or enclosed. While some hydraulic lifts are open for ease of access, mezzanine lifts or mezzanine elevators are typically enclosed with wire mesh for additional fall safety protection.

All of Westhead’s material handling systems are off-the- shelf, OSHA-approved components that can be efficiently integrated into a custom design tailored to your operation’s exact specifications. This strategy of combining standardized building systems components and equipment gives Westhead a distinct advantage over traditional architectural and engineering firms. Discuss your needs with Westhead Associates to see how much time and money we can save your business: 1-856-727-0210.

mezzanine vertical platform lift with a custom ramp
Mezzanine vertical platform lift with a custom ramp

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