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IMP Wall Systems

IMP Wall Systems

Insulated Metal Wall Panels & Systems

Westhead Associates designs, builds, and installs insulated metal wall panels and systems for manufacturing operations in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and beyond. Controlling temperature is a critical issue for any construction, whether it's being used by personnel under normal working conditions or in those cases where temperatures must be maintained to low settings, such as cold room operations. Modular construction accommodates all of the requirements for state-of-the-art industrial processes, with insulated wall systems and insulation panels in any application where temperature control is required. In standalone applications, Westhead can design and install a fully functional unit with insulated metal wall panels and insulated roofing panels for complete thermal protection.

While all building envelopes require good thermal insulation, the difference in modular construction is the speed and efficiency of the assembly. The use of standardized components allows Westhead Associates' designers to create a custom plan suited to your specific requirements without the costs associated with the custom design services of an architect or engineer. Code compliance, safety, and structural integrity are assured, as well as the necessary insulation factors for temperature-sensitive storage and manufacturing processes. Standard dimensions speeds the assembly while maintaining all of the necessary specs, and insulated wall systems are integrated into manufacturing operations of all kinds as fully modular systems.

As a leader in the field of mezzanine and modular building construction for warehouses and manufacturing operations of all kinds, Westhead Associates is prepared to take on any challenge. Our wide ranging experience with custom steel fabrications and modular in-plant office buildings allows us to develop an efficient and attractive setup for nearly any industrial process. Now it's possible to plan for detailed cold room facilities in a fraction of the time required for typical construction, so you can get up and running faster, with equal or superior performance. If you are anticipating new operations and need a faster turnaround, Westhead Associates' modular solutions offer turnkey convenience and functionality. Call us at: 1-856-727-0210.

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