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Temperature and Humidity Control Rooms

Turn to Westhead Associates when you need to install temperature and humidity control rooms in your manufacturing operation. The systems required for specialized air handling can be cumbersome and expensive if they are not fully integrated, and the mechanical requirements for these industries can be even more involved than the construction itself. As a leading provider of custom design services using standardized building systems in the tri-state area (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware), Westhead designs custom mezzanines, equipment platforms, and other custom steel fabrications that can include a wide assortment of specialty functions for industrial and laboratory applications. Reliable, well-established, standalone building systems offer turnkey solutions for climate chambers and climatic test chambers. Modular systems make the custom design of a new facility ultra efficient without additional engineering and architectural design services.

Whether the new facilities are intended to stand inside of an existing facility or involve an entirely new construction, Westhead Associates provides modular cold room systems that include cool rooms with cold room panels for optimum thermal protection. Along with thermally controlled building systems, Westhead can also supply humidity controlled chambers and humidity test chambers that employ the precise air handling technology required for specific manufacturing or storage processes. Pre-engineered modular temperature and humidity controlled chambers permit a streamlined approach to modern facility development. Cold room manufacturers can deploy these modular systems more quickly and with greater assurance that the system will work according to the required specifications.

If you are involved in temperature- and humidity-sensitive industries, it makes sense to take advantage of modular, pre-engineered temperature- and humidity-controlled chambers with a set of off-the- shelf features. Westhead Associates is skilled at developing a customized plan that assembles climatic test chambers, humidity test chambers, and modular cold room systems into an integrated network of industry functions for OSHA approved temperature controlled environments. Talk to Westhead associates today: 1-856-727-0210.

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