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IMP Wall System

IMP Wall System

Modular Cold Room Storage Systems and Walk-In Refrigerators

Choose Westhead Associates for your source of modular cold room storage systems and walk-in refrigerators in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Our experience with modular temperature-controlled rooms allows businesses to rapidly deploy new, fully functional temperature controlled facilities, from commercial coolers and fridges, environmental test chambers, industrial fridges, and modular cold room systems. Refrigeration is one of the most important methods for preserving goods prior to processing and is applied throughout many industries that handle perishable material. Modular building systems make it easier to create custom plans with insulated cold room wall panels, insulated wall systems, and refrigeration panels with known performance specs and proven performance in the field. Time tested modular solutions for cold room manufacturers ensure OSHA compliant performance without additional engineering and architectural design services.

Westhead Associates incorporates all types of modular systems for a streamlined, optimized approach that saves time and money. Modern industry requires maximum integration with minimum customization of individual components. As a leader in custom mezzanines and equipment platforms, Westhead is thoroughly familiar with all of the components used in custom steel fabrications. To best serve the industrial market, modular systems combine efficiency with a wide availability of specialty features, such as temperature-controlled rooms, cleanrooms, paint finishing and machine enclosures, and many more. Like the building components that make up the modular construction systems, these modular functional components can be assembled into a custom plan to serve a specialty process and tailored to meet a client’s particular facility requirements.

No matter how extensive the new cold room storage needs are for your next project, Westhead Associates is prepared to offer a turnkey solution with all of the detailed programmatic features you require in your new facility. Review the set of options available for walk-in refrigerators, commercial coolers and fridges, and industrial fridges, as well as the insulated wall systems and insulated cold room wall panels to back them up. Give us a call at: 1-856-727-0210.

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