Custom Free-Standing Mezzanine Equipment Platforms and Floors

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Custom Free-Standing Mezzanine Equipment Platforms and Floors

Free-standing mezzanines and equipment platforms are structurally independent constructions placed inside existing facilities to maximize square footage and to make the most out of large industrial spaces. By using standard components, free-standing mezzanine floors add valuable space to your operations without the time consuming expense of typical construction. The design of free-standing mezzanine platforms can be easily customized to suit your particular facility, and Westhead Associates ensures that all mezzanine systems meet IBC fall protection requirements for safety and code compliance.

Mezzanine systems typically employ a set of standard steel columns and beams, with floor decks, railings, and stairs. A large assortment of other features can also be added to enhance the setup for your specific needs. Equipment platforms, enclosed cages or modular offices, gantries for cranes, storage racks, guardrails, and other elements make custom mezzanines a convenient and comprehensive solution. Depending on the size of the existing volume, multistory arrangements of free-standing mezzanine floors can be developed for the maximum use of space.

At Westhead Associates, we take fall protection requirements seriously. Because mezzanine systems are usually involved in material handling, the safe and convenient access from floor to floor must be addressed properly. Railing systems can be equipped with single or double swing safety gates, and mezzanine lifts can be incorporated to move materials swiftly and easily between floors. Full compliance with International Building Code standards ensures that all Westhead products meet safety standards without additional engineering and architectural services.

To add space in the most efficient, cost effective, and code compliant manner currently available, talk to Westhead about your specific needs. Westhead Associates has built custom free-standing mezzanines for customers throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. We will set up a free-standing mezzanine or equipment platform with turnkey functionality for you to make the most out of your existing space. Call us at: 1-856-727-0210.

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