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Barrier Rail Systems for OSHA Compliance

Westhead Associates designs and installs barrier rail systems for OSHA compliance in manufacturing operations. As a leading provider of custom steel fabrications for a wide variety of industrial applications, Westhead has extensive experience with OSHA regulations compliance. Our strategy of custom design services using standard components allows us to offer premier turnkey solutions in a rapid assembly schedule conventional design services can't match. All of our projects are designed to meet OSHA regulations, and the use of barrier rail systems, safety railings, and other types of safety barriers that are predesigned to meet OSHA regulations enables us to create custom-designed facilities in a fraction of the time typically required for custom manufacturing operation design services.

The often complex network of operations in a manufacturing or industrial facility requires careful attention to all considerations of safety, especially with regard to the interaction between vehicles, machinery, and personnel. OSHA compliance for barrier rails involves dimensional heights, required egress widths in and around safety barriers, material strength, and structural stability. Westhead is skilled with unraveling all of the complexities of vehicle and personnel circulation and streamlining the process with the use of standard and time-tested components. Whether it's a custom mezzanine, equipment platform, a modular in-plant office building, a clean room, or some type of specialty operation, we can provide the right combination of parts to make a precise solution without any additional architectural design or engineering services. OSHA compliance is a key factor in our design process, and, as an essential feature of any productive facility, we set out to meet OSHA regulations for each and every one of our projects.

Review the wide range of available options for custom steel fabrications, including barrier rail systems and safety railings for an effective management of OSHA regulations in your new facility. Westhead simplifies the whole process to get your operation up and running sooner, with optimized capabilities and full OSHA compliance. Give us a call: 1-856-727-0210.

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