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Wire Partitions & Security

DEA Security Cages for Storage of Controlled Drugs

Westhead Associates provides DEA security cages for the storage of controlled drugs. We design and install custom steel fabrications for a broad spectrum of industrial applications, including facilities that meet DEA security requirements for controlled drug storage. Our familiarity with International Building Codes, OSHA guidelines, and other regulatory requirements allows us to gain approval for a controlled substance registration certificate quickly and easily. The use of modular building systems facilitates the approval process, because the pre-engineered components are time tested and well established for use with controlled drug storage. A federal DEA license can only be obtained if the facility meets approvals for the security of the facility and its associated personnel. Westhead’s extensive experience allows us to deploy these modular components and develop a turnkey solution conventional architectural and engineering services cannot match. For speed, regulatory compliance, and overall performance, Westhead Associates puts it all together, at a fraction of the time and expense.

DEA security cages can be readily installed into an existing facility or developed within a new standalone custom steel fabrication. As a designer of custom steel mezzanines we are greatly experienced with creating seamless solutions that incorporate into existing operations, and modular in-plant office buildings with modular wall systems can be developed to meet any demanding security detail.

To meet controlled drug regulations and establish turnkey facilities for the effective, secure storage of controlled drugs, discuss your options with Westhead Associates. From refrigeration rooms and cold storage facilities, to clean rooms for lab environments and complex conveyors systems for advanced material handling, we simplify the process and get the job done. Review the variety of custom steel fabrications we’ve created for our clients and take a look at just how much we can do for you. Our experienced design professionals are ready to take on any demanding challenge. Call us today: 1-856-727-0210.

Custom DEA cage for secure storage
Custom DEA cage for secure storage

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