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Industrial Conveyor Systems

Westhead Associates is proud to offer custom industrial conveyor systems tailored to your manufacturing plant's precise needs. Westhead's experience with custom mezzanines and industrial processes gives them the expertise necessary to handle all sorts of complex manufacturing requirements, and the inclusion of industrial conveyor systems is part of our wide assortment of custom steel fabrications equipped with specialized accessories. Our strategy of combining preexisting industrial building components and well established industrial machinery, such as chain conveyor systems, with customized design solutions, allows us to offer turnkey, code-compliant operations that save valuable time and money compared to typical engineering and architectural design methods. When you work with Westhead, you are making use of the best the building industry has to offer: advanced conveyor solutions and code-compliant facilities at a fraction of the time and cost.

Belt conveyors and chain conveyor systems are the most prevalent methods used to move material into and out of industrial processes at a regular rate. This often also requires changes in height over the course of it route in the facility. All factors of the process need to be taken into account: the range and extent of the operations, the frequency of its use, the change in height of its route, and the need for access and servicing in critical junctures of its processing. Westhead will design a custom mezzanine, or a series of mezzanines, to accommodate and streamline the material handling from the initial delivery to the final output and shipping.

No matter how complex your operations, Westhead Associates has the experience with large-scale industrial processes necessary to make substantial positive impacts on your manufacturing. From equipment platforms and cleanrooms, to modular in-plant office buildings and cold storage facilities, we are prepared to take your exacting specifications and exceed your expectations, with state-of- the-art conveyor solutions and code-compliant custom steel fabrications that are second to none. Call us today to learn how our services can benefit you: 1-856-727-0210.

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