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Industrial Walk-in Freezer Rooms

Industrial Walk-In Freezer Rooms

Westhead Associates designs and installs industrial walk-in freezer rooms and thermal vacuum chambers for manufacturers in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and beyond. Thermal insulation is a critical factor in all types of construction, but in many industrial and manufacturing applications, additional attention must be made to areas that focus on thermal performance as an integral part of the process. Our advanced expertise extends to all facets of the standardized construction industry. In addition to our wide experience with mezzanine systems, we also provide cold storage room design for freezer rooms, industrial freezers, and walk-in freezers for reliable cold storage capability. Turnkey solutions that combine the efficiency of standardized components and assemblies with custom design services make it faster and easier to create custom plans based on well established standards. This allows Westhead Associates to deliver advanced cold storage room design with less costly design time and greater levels of performance for cold storage room facilities.

Westhead Associates also specializes in thermal vacuum chamber facilities. Thermal vacuum chambers are used for a wide range of applications where the strict control of temperatures in vacuum conditions allows for testing and evaluation of products and materials. Vacuum-insulated panels ensure an airtight seal for these sensitive operations, and again, standardization for these high-performance spaces ensures greater system integrity. Why go through the trouble of inventing these critical components of manufacturing facilities with bespoke construction from scratch? In many industrial situations, the benefits derived from the use of standardized systems are considerable. For processes that require high standards used universally throughout common practice, it makes sense to employ assemblies already proven out in the field.

Whether you need cold storage room design for any number of temperature-sensitive operations that require the management of refrigeration systems, or thermal vacuum chamber design for advanced testing facilities, let Westhead Associates provide the space, the temperature management infrastructure, and the planning expertise to tie it all together in a cohesive, high-performance unit. Come and take a look at the extensive systems and associated services we provide and let us help you on your next project. Call 1-856-727-0210.

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