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If you are looking for a way to add space within your existing facility and you want to avoid the complication and expense of traditional construction methods, Westhead Associates has the answer. As a leading provider of custom industrial mezzanine systems and equipment platforms, Westhead Associates can facilitate the expansion of your existing operations with a set of products and services designed to upgrade a space to new levels of convenience and performance..

Custom mezzanines and equipment platforms are assembled with standardized components to speed up all phases of a traditional construction project. The use of standardized code- compliant modular wall systems and associated building products allow the swift deployment of mezzanine storage systems, equipment platforms, and modular in-plant office buildings to create fully functional spaces for a wide range of applications. Vertical circulation elements such as industrial mezzanine stairs and platforms provide easy access to all levels, and features such as industrial mezzanine safety gates, guardrails, and locking doors in mezzanine office spaces give a new upgrade the safety and security you need.

Depending on the structural conditions, you can choose from four different types of industrial mezzanine systems. Free-standing mezzanines and equipment platforms are custom steel fabrications with structurally independent construction. These industrial mezzanine systems are designed to stand as an independent structure within an existing facility. The other three types rely on the integration of the mezzanine with another structural system. Building-supported mezzanines and equipment platforms integrate with the building’s existing structure. Rack- supported and shelving supported mezzanines and equipment platforms use the structural system of the rack and shelving systems to combine all elements into one fully functioning unit. Structural insulated panels can be added to any upgrade for enhanced thermal performance and environmental control.

While mezzanine lofts are widely used for Industrial and Health Club applications, Westhead Associates is prepared to create custom mezzanine systems to serve nearly any function. With its line of Mezzmaster mezzanine products, Westhead can deliver professional, durable, and cost-effective solutions to your facility. Mezzanine financing is also available. Review your options and give Westhead Associates a call today. 1-856-727-0210.

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