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Shelving & Racks

Shelving & Racks

Storage Shelving

Modular Drawers

Equipto Modular Drawers provide exceptional storage performance, whether used in one-piece welded modular cabinets, or in a V-Grip or Iron Grip shelving system. Use Equipto Modular Drawers to achieve more efficient stocking and retrieval of parts. Drawers are precision-engineered with tempered steel bearings and a high strength-to-weight ratio. A variety of sizes, weight capacities, and interior divider configurations provide the flexibility to meet every requirement.

Mobile Aisles

Equipto Mobile Aisle Shelving Systems are specifically designed to maximize storage density in industrial applications. Space normally wasted in multiple access aisles is limited to a single access aisle per module resulting in space savings of over 50%. Mobile Aisle Systems, when combined with V-Grip Shelving and Modular Drawers, can be designed to dramatically improve space efficiency in virtually any application.


Equipto offers several bench designs including heavy-duty, open-leg workbenches, modular drawer benches, and the Equiptoflex line of flexible workstations. Available work surfaces include painted steel, stainless steel, laminate, and wood. Accessories for workstations include mobile kits, production boosters, electrical power strips, locks and cabinet/drawer pedestals.

Cabinets and Lockers

Equipto cabinets and lockers meet every security need by featuring locks and a solid construction. Protect your company and personnel items while enjoying attractive styling features. Rigid frames and sturdy hinges can handle both small and large stock. Equipto cabinets and lockers are perfect for any environment and come in desk, counter, or full heights.


Equipto Carts have rugged frames, handles and casters that let you quickly move material and parts wherever you need to. Save time and energy by having items exactly where you need them.

Storage Shelves
Storage Shelves

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