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Access & Safety

Access & Safety

Walk-On Ceiling Grid Systems

Expand Access and usable space in your manufacturing plant or warehouse with custom walk-on ceiling grid systems from Westhead Associates. Like mezzanines and equipmen platforms, walkable ceiling systems provide a way to develop additional function, access, and storage capability on top of other operations. Walk-on ceiling grid systems are structured to accommodate the needs of the new spaces below, with the additional strength needed to make the walkable false ceiling support new and expanded access. In critical processes that require continuous access to the ceiling for support functions, a walk-on ceiling grid system makes the servicing of HVAC and other support equipment safe and convenient.

As one of the leading providers of custom steel fabrications in the country, Westhead Associates specializes in the rapid deployment of standard building components and systems. We take the client’s detailed requirements and develop a custom plan tailored to the exact specifications. In engineering and clean room applications, these requirements can be complex and exacting. The use of standardized systems enables Westhead to assemble an OSHA-compliant design in a fraction of the time typically required for custom architectural and engineering services. Many businesses seek ways to expand quickly and inexpensively, and Westhead’s extensive experience with many types of industrial applications allows them to offer new facilities within an existing setup. Mezzanines, equipment platforms, and new rooms with walkable ceiling systems offer different ways to introduce new functions inside an existing footprint without undue interruption to ongoing processes.

Discuss your needs with Westhead Associates. Whether you need ceiling grid systems for clean rooms, cold storage, modular in-plant office buildings, or some other new in-house function, we will develop the best way to establish the new requirements into your existing footprint. Walk-on ceiling grid systems serve the needs of many types industrial processes with ready access options for support and servicing, and Westhead is ready to make it happen. Call today to find out more: 1-856-727-0210.

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