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Elevated Work and Service Platforms

Custom elevated work and service platforms from Westhead Associates help manufacturers make the most of the space they have. While some mezzanines are used for additional storage and equipment, other types of applications include the development of new floors of workspace to access equipment. Westhead Associates specializes in the use of standardized building systems that can accommodate all sorts of industrial requirements, from laboratory cleanrooms with extensive HVAC equipment, to large, multi-story machinery that requires access to specific areas for ongoing service and support. Mobile access platforms and access towers provide efficient and effective ways to develop OSHA- compliant access to sensitive operations. Westhead’s extensive experience with industrial processes and standardized components allows them to create new service platforms that best serve the needs of each process, whether it’s a fixed manufacturing platform or a mobile access platform.

Like many standardized industrial components, step platforms and access towers are predesigned pieces of equipment that are OSHA approved for workers to perform service and repairs. Step platforms are readily movable by hand, as they are strong yet lightweight. More generous than ladders, a step platform allows for easy access and a large and stable work area. Access towers are mobile vehicles that can roll into position and send a platform up into a large space directly adjacent to the service area. Like a portable elevator, mobile access platforms can routinely go from one area in an industrial plant to another to service areas high into the available vertical space. This is a highly efficient and inexpensive way to ensure full access to all areas of an industrial and machine process. Westhead Associates also provides fixed, multi-story custom steel fabrications for systems that need more continuous access.

Whatever your specific needs for access to machine operations, Westhead Associates is prepared to develop the best method to get you there. From simple step platforms to the latest access towers and mobile working platforms, Westhead can provide equipment and standardized building components that can be rapidly deployed for precise, code- compliant access. Give us a call to learn more: 1-856-727-0210.

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