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IMP Wall Systems

Modular In-Plant Office Spaces

Westhead Associates constructs and installs modular in-plant office spaces for manufacturing operations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Modular office spaces provide an efficient means to create new and highly functional workspace for any number of applications. Both in-plant modular offices and standalone modular office buildings can make use of the same set of standardized components to create customized solutions that match the client’s needs down to every specification.

Office space is a highly standardized environment. Many aspects of office design can make use of this standardization through the use of modular office systems, standard doors, and modular office walls. By using standard components, customized design services utilize the best of both worlds; a rapid deployment of functional, efficient, modular office space with a unique setup tailored to a company’s evolving needs. No additional engineering or architectural services are required. Standardization also facilitates the code compliance and permitting process.

Office mezzanines provide an excellent answer for businesses that need expansion within an existing facility. By making use of a large volume of space in a large factory or industrial setup, in-plant modular offices allow a company to expand within an existing footprint and develop modular office space directly adjacent to other operations for full coordination. Office mezzanines create another story, or multiple stories in large spaces, for office support in the large industrial spaces commonly available for heavy industry. Mezzanines are an ingenious way for a company to incorporate all features of their operation under one roof with effective communication between floors.

Why go to the trouble of a complex design process when Westhead Associates can develop any sort of modular office space you need, and at a fraction of the time and expense? With skilled professionals and a powerful set of components, whether it’s a suite of new modular in-plant offices inside your existing building or a new modular office building, Westhead Associates meets the challenge and exceed your expectations.

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