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Access & Safety

Access & Safety

Custom Industrial Mezzanine Ladders and Staircases

Westhead Associates enhances access in manufacturing plants and warehouses with custom industrial mezzanine ladders and staircases. Critical circulation areas in industrial spaces must be carefully planned for optimum efficiency and full compliance with existing IBC and OSHA codes. To meet the well-established standards for industrial safety, Westhead uses a strategy that relies on an expert assembly of standardized components that are proven out in the field. Our wide experience with industrial operations, and the set of standardized components used to service them, give us exceptional expertise in the design of custom industrial ladders, industrial spiral staircases, and industrial stair towers.

OSHA ladder standards cover a set of strictly observed dimensional guidelines to ensure safe egress up and down industrial step ladders and mezzanine ladders. Instead of custom designing by scratch, Westhead taps an existing resource of components designed to meet OSHA ladder standards, as well as the respective OSHA standards in place for all types of vertical access. The steel staircases, industrial stairs and platforms, and the full range of accessories commonly added to custom mezzanines and equipment platforms are ready to use and serve to reduce the costs for turnkey industrial facilities. This streamlined approach combines OSHA-certified elements and custom industrial designs tailored to meet any facility’s precise specifications.

Personnel travel in manufacturing plants and warehouses should minimize path distances and provide vertical access within prescribed distances for safe egress in case of fire or other emergencies. Westhead’s experience with IBC building codes as well as OSHA’s exacting guidelines allow for a rapid assembly that passes inspections and ensures full compliance, and without any additional architectural or engineering costs. If you are expanding your operations, review our wide selection of building options for custom mezzanines, modular in-plant office buildings, or any other type of custom steel fabrication, and call us today to find how we can modernize your industrial spaces: 1-856-727-0210.

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