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Custom HVAC Platforms

Westhead Associates designs and installs custom HVAC platforms that meet any manufacturing need imaginable. Air handling is a critical feature of many industrial processes, and Westhead's experience with custom steel fabrications make us a leading provider of all types of custom mezzanines, including custom HVAC platforms and custom air conditioning platforms for expanding facilities.

While all buildings require air handling systems for heating and cooling, the needs of laboratories, cleanrooms and manufacturing facilities with dust management requirements can extend far beyond what is typical in conventional facilities. From paint rooms to machine shops, or cleanroom settings that require once-through air replacement capabilities, custom HVAC platforms can include powerful systems that need space, strength, and ready access for service and repairs. Some systems may need to be mounted on the roof in an exterior application; others require a direct relationship with the laboratory or machine process for efficient air handling. Westhead Associates combines a custom solution with standardized building components and systems to create custom HVAC platforms of all types. Cold rooms and large refrigeration facilities also require extensive HVAC equipment, and Westhead also makes custom air conditioning platforms developed specifically for refrigeration and cold storage applications as well.

Many industries are seeking a more efficient, cost-effective way to expand operations. Westhead's strategy of custom design through the use of an ever expanding list of standardized building systems enables us to assemble predesigned OSHA-approved components and building systems into a solution that meets all of the required building codes without the need for additional engineering or architectural services.

Discuss your specific air handling requirements with Westhead Associates. We have the experience needed to combine standardized components into a customized solution that is engineered to meet your exacting specifications, and at a fraction of the time and expense necessary for typical architectural design and construction. Call us today: 1-856-727-0210.

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