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Industrial Box and Material Lifts

Industrial Box and Material Lifts

Industrial box and material lifts produced and installed from Westhead Associates can be a critical component to the success of a manufacturing operation. The efficient material handling in and around industrial facilities can present a significant challenge. As one of the premiere designers and installers of custom steel fabrications, Westhead’s experience with standardized building systems and industrial accessories gives us a wide range of expertise with material handling issues as well. Our line of box lifting equipment and vacuum lifters provides even greater performance and capability to operations that require the processing of large quantities of heavy materials. Hydraulically powered material lifts can be positioned at critical junctures in the material handling process to ease the burden of storage and staging, and speed up material handling processes for expedited manufacturing, storage, and shipping.

Box lifters are typically positioned inside an existing facility with a simple 2” cut in the floor slab to accommodate the lifting platform. Pallet jacks position a load onto the platform, and the lift guides it up to the desired level. Industrial box lifts are designed to handle large and heavy loads with additional guardrail safety features. All of Westhead’s box lifting equipment complies with the current OSHA guidelines for safety.

Vacuum lifting is an ideal technology for handling large slabs of heavy material easily and quickly in an industrial manufacturing setting. Vacuum lifters use suction to engage pads to heavy slabs. Hydraulic power creates a vacuum seal between the pad and the slab of material, enabling it to be rotated and repositioned by one person.

Whatever type of industrial operation you are running, Westhead has the technology and the design ability to assemble turnkey manufacturing solutions more quickly and skillfully than conventional architectural design and engineering firms. Our familiarity with well established pre-engineered building systems, components, and equipment allows us to develop custom mezzanines, equipment, platforms, cleanrooms, modular in-plant office buildings, and many more. If you need to develop a system that includes vacuum lifters, box lifters and other types of box lifting equipment, give us a call: 1-856-727-0210.

box lift for rapid supplies & equipment movement
Box lift for rapid supplies & equipment movement

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