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IMP Wall Systems

Modular High and Curtain Wall Systems

Westhead Associates builds and installs modular high and curtain wall systems for manufacturing plants and warehouses. As a leader in modular construction, Westhead Associates has experience with all facets of the design and installation of advanced building systems. Unlike typical construction, all components are predesigned and intended to fit within a fully integrated system that removes guesswork and costly design time. From interior modular wall panel systems like partition walls, portable partitions, and portable sliding room dividers, to exterior curtain wall systems and structural insulated panels, a complete standalone construction can be customized for nearly any application. In existing buildings with a large footprint and high floor to floor dimensions, high wall systems with modular tall walls can quickly adapt a large space into new functions without the costly services of an engineer or architect.

Many industries that maintain large facilities are looking for cost-efficient ways to adapt existing buildings into new configurations that better meet their new requirements. Westhead Associates is skilled at evaluating your facility and developing custom steel fabrications and modular wall systems to fit inside large spaces. Spaces can be divided into sections with multi-story custom mezzanine systems, and in plan, with high wall systems that feature structurally sound modular tall walls that can be insulated as necessary.

While standardization speeds up the process, customization in critical areas can make a big difference and add value to the construction. As the link between the inside and the outside, curtain walls play an important role in building performance and exterior appearance. Westhead Associates can develop curtain wall systems that present an attractive image while maintaining all of the critical performance factors for standalone custom steel fabrications.

Discuss your needs with Westhead Associates and see how much your company can benefit from our expertise. With decades of experience, we have kept pace with the latest developments in modular construction, and can readily adapt existing facilities or create new buildings with distinctive curtain wall systems. Give us a call: 1-856-727-0210.

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