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Access & Safety

Access & Safety

Industrial Steel Catwalks and Elevated Walkways

Westhead Associates produces and installs custom industrial steel catwalks and elevated walkways for extended access in manufacturing operations. Complex manufacturing and industrial operations often require a network of circulation paths, both on the ground floor and elevated for machine and material access. Our experience with a wide variety of custom steel fabrications for an extensive assortment of industrial processes has given us access to standardized components for industrial steel catwalks and industrial elevated walkways. Employing standard components in a custom designed, rapidly deployed assembly gives Westhead Associates distinct advantages over traditional design and engineering services companies.

Safety is a key factor in our design process. Westhead Associates incorporates accessories of all kinds into an integrated network of optimized systems and components for customized solutions that meet precise specifications for any type of advanced manufacturing or industrial application. Custom mezzanines and equipment platforms need to provide access to all levels of the operation, and catwalk systems can be integrated into the circulation network, along with custom OSHA-compliant stairs, ladders, lifts, and gantries. Standardized OSHA-compliant catwalk systems are designed to meet strict dimensional and structural requirements for safe access and clearances for equipment and operations. No matter how complex the required network of systems, including catwalk systems and their associated hardware, Westhead creates designs that will meet all OSHA guidelines.

If you are weighing the costs of a new project, take a look at the advantages we provide at Westhead Associates. Top-notch, time-tested components, combined with premier design services tailored to industrial and manufacturing facilities, create solutions optimized for reliable performance, durability, and fully functional OSHA compliance. We are ready to meet any design challenge and look forward to working with you on your next project. Review the assortment of options we have for custom mezzanines, equipment platforms, modular in-plant office buildings, and any other type of custom steel fabrication, and call us today: 1-856-727-0210.

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