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Shelving-supported mezzanines offer another widely popular structural option to custom mezzanine design. For situations where the first floor will have storage as a fixed use with an open floor above for assorted office and manufacturing functions, shelving-supported mezzanines will help you expand your working space. Multi-floor storage options are also available. Made of code-compliant, standard components, Westhead's custom steel fabrications offer you a selection of structural options that integrate seamlessly together with your existing setup to maximize square footage quickly, and without the need for an architect or engineer. Our combination of state-of- the-art components and the expertise to assemble a custom design tailored to your specific needs makes us a leading provider of custom shelving-supported mezzanines in the tri-state area, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and beyond.

All elements in modern warehousing have been redesigned to perform better, and shelving systems have been streamlined for better strength to weight ratios. When they are integrated into shelving-supported mezzanines, the need for additional component parts is reduced, making for a highly efficient and optimized design solution. With a second story mezzanine overlooking operations, you have the option to set up enclosed in-plant modular office spaces with structural insulated panels and a host of accessories like equipment platforms, mezzanine lifts, custom designed stairs, and fall protection railings with access gates and guardrails wherever necessary. All components are coated with a durable, two part baked-on urethane paint. All stainless steel, all aluminum, galvanized decking, and a range of different storage types are available, depending on the type of items to be stored and the access requirements. Mezzanine financing is available to help you get the project off the ground.

Westhead Associates' design experience allows us to offer cost-effective strategies to solve your storage and space issues, with custom shelving-supported mezzanines, accessories, and a wide variety of design components and services to optimize your operations. Give us a call: 1-856-727-0210.

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