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Wire Partitions & security

Wire Partitions & Security

Wire Mesh Security Partitions and Panels

Keep items in your manufacturing plant or warehouse secure with wire mesh security partitions panels from Westhead Associates. As a leader in the design and installation of pre-engineered building systems, Westhead is prepared to equip your facility with a wide range of accessories designed to handle all types of specialized programs and security requirements. Many industrial settings require wire mesh security cages for control points in and out of facilities, as well as additional needs for security partitions and wire partitions. Wire mesh panels for cages are just one of the many components that can be easily incorporated into a custom design, rapidly assembled on site, and readily prepared for a fully functional turnkey solution, and at a fraction of the price normally required for conventional architectural and engineering design services. Because of our extensive experience with custom mezzanines and custom steel fabrications, Westhead Associates can deploy operations quickly, and allow you to take full advantage of the many benefits of wire enclosures and other modular wall systems.

While there are many applications that require solid wall systems, including structural insulated panels, wire mesh partitions are often preferred for many industrial and manufacturing operations. Wire enclosures are strong, lightweight, and can be readily secured. They also offer great visibility for control points and work within an easily adjustable, dismountable building system for maximum flexibility. For storing valuable equipment and product materials, or for modular in-plant office spaces, wire panels for cages combine security, access, and visibility in a custom solution designed to achieve optimum performance for your particular specifications.

Westhead creates custom design solutions for clean rooms, health clubs, complex industrial operations, cold storage, and many more. We can incorporate a new facility into an existing footprint or design a freestanding custom building to meet your needs. Our familiarity with modern building systems ensures IBC code and OSHA-compliant facilities that work seamlessly from day one. Give us a call and let us help you get your next project off the ground: 1-856-727-0210.

wire partition providing safety on mezzanine
Wire partition providing safety on mezzanine

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