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ISO Modular Cleanrooms

ISO Modular Cleanrooms

Westhead Associates constructs and installs ISO modular cleanrooms for manufacturers of all classification standards throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The development of modular cleanroom facilities has become an important part of our business, as more and more businesses can see the advantage of modular systems for standardized industrial processes. In addition to the cost and time savings achieved through the use of standard components and modular systems, cleanroom design is expedited for manufacturers with off-the- shelf functionality according to ISO standards. Using pre-engineered spaces, a Westhead designer can quickly assemble a cleanroom environment with numerous custom support features for turnkey installation of a standalone facility that meets any ISO cleanroom standards that may be required for your operation.

Westhead Associates is an industry leader in the development of custom steel fabrications with modular construction systems. This modern approach to facility development and design allows a business to deploy standardized building systems and add specialty features as necessary. Air and dust handling is a significant feature of many industrial processes, and the ability to combine standardized components with a wide variety of air, temperature, and humidity control features, as well as an extensive selection of other programmatic elements like break rooms, conference lunch rooms, and more, make the cost-effective strategy a serious alternative to custom engineering and architecture services.

ISO cleanroom design can include load-bearing systems or lightweight systems designed for flexibility and expansion. In addition to a variety of window styles, anti-static wall panels, double-wall systems, gasketing options, and specialized doors and pass-throughs, cleanroom ceilings can be integrated into the existing structure or the entire new cleanroom facility can stand as an independent unit. This makes it possible to create an independent cleanroom process quickly and efficiently, without having to reinvent the overall manufacturing operation design to meet ISO cleanroom standards.

Cleanroom design which meets ISO standards is one of our specialty services at Westhead Associates. Our experience with all types of modular construction, from modular in-plant office buildings and custom mezzanines, to all types of environmentally controlled facilities like cold storage, thermal vacuum chambers, and modular cleanrooms, allows us to make a cleanroom environments that are perfect for any industry. Call us today to learn more: 1-856-727-0210.

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