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Access & Safety

Access & Safety

Access and Safety Steel Fabrications for Manufacturing Operations

Westhead Associates installs custom mezzanine safety gates, ladders, stairs, lifts, and mobile work platforms that fulfill OSHA requirements. In order to create a fully functional custom mezzanine system, a complete set of code compliant components must be available to handle all of the associated functions connected to custom steel fabrications. Industrial conveyor systems and custom equipment and service platforms need space and efficient access for equipment and service personnel. Mezzanine gates and ladders, mezzanine lifts, and mezzanine safety gates ensure safe access to the mezzanine from different areas and with different requirements. Custom stairs and custom work platforms enable Westfield to offer unique solutions for access, and still meet OSHA regulations.

OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is an agency of the Department of Labor, and they are responsible for developing workplace standards and enforcing the current laws for occupational safety throughout the country. OSHA plays a critical role in America’s safety standards and IBC (International Building Code) compliance for industrial facilities. Westfield Associates offers greater efficiency and streamlined regulatory approval by using only preapproved OSHA components to create custom equipment and service platforms. Elements such as OSHA guardrail systems, safety gates, ladders, stairs, and lifts must meet regulations for strength, safety, and dimensional standards for adjacent circulation. By using a kit of parts designed to meet OSHA requirements, our designers have the confidence they need to assemble a custom design for any complex assignment. This reduces design costs and speeds up the process for a quick, efficient, code compliant assembly that exceeds client expectations.

Whether it’s a simple custom mezzanine with a custom stair, a complex HVAC platform or a multi-story equipment platform with a network of connections that include safety gates, ladders, stairs, and lifts, Westhead Associates has the experience and expertise necessary to create a turnkey solution that outperforms competing technologies and methods. Consult with a Westhead Associates representative and discuss your needs for custom equipment and service platforms that meet OSHA requirements every time. Call: 1-856-727-0210.

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