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VRCs and Mezzanine Material Lifts

VRCs and Mezzanine Material Lifts

Westhead Associates' mezzanine material lifts and vertical reciprocating conveyors keep manufacturing processes in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York moving. We provide state-of- the-art custom steel fabrications for all types of industrial applications, as well as the complex assortment of material handling equipment associated with modern manufacturing processes. Our wide-ranging experience with these systems allows us to readily integrate vertical reciprocating conveyors, platform lifts, lift tables and other types of advanced equipment into an existing process, or develop new systems, and all with significant savings in cost and time. Our advantage relies on experience with pre-existing building technologies designed specifically for large scale industrial operations. By employing OSHA-approved building components, systems, and equipment in a custom design process, we can offer a rapid assembly schedule with greater capability than traditional architectural and engineering firms.

The swift, precise, and efficient handling of heavy loads and lifting them into position for a myriad of manufacturing and storing operations is a critical feature in almost any industrial setting. Lift tables provide functionality similar to a pallet jack with the added capability to perform work on a lifted load of material. A small platform on wheels uses hydraulic power to lift loads to a desired height. Platform lifts are fixed in a location in the plant where goods are regularly taken for lifting processes. They act as simple and effective elevators for heavy loads and can be readily used at critical locations to speed up material handling. Mezzanine lifts are similar to platform lifts with a wire mesh enclosure and the added safety features needed to accommodate personnel as well as material. Vertical reciprocating conveyors are sophisticated material handling systems that continuously move large units of material to one or more upper levels for processing or storage, with minimal personnel interaction.

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custom mezzanine lift
Custom mezzanine lift

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