Medical Marijuana Grow Operation

Westhead Associates insulated metal wall panel systems help marijuana grow operations produce medical-grade marijuana. New legislation in many states has created the demand for medical marijuana grow operations. As the legalization of marijuana/cannabis proceeds throughout the country, marijuana cultivation and commercial cannabis growing will become an increasingly popular and profitable enterprise. Westhead’s extensive experience with pre-engineered building systems allows us to deploy sophisticated operations for a wide variety of industrial applications. We can create custom solutions in an existing facility or develop standalone operations with insulated wall systems, lights, growing medium, and hydroponic infrastructure. Using modular wall systems speeds up the design and assembly process, allowing us to offer custom design turnkey solutions in less time and with less expense.

Marijuana grow operations bear some similarity to cleanrooms and other lab environments. Both are strictly self-contained units that require a controlled atmosphere. Proper temperature control, humidity and light levels, and other quality control issues must be maintained and carefully monitored. In a commercial cannabis growing environment, the standardization of the facilities with modular components ensures a stable and finely tuned growing atmosphere designed to deliver optimum performance. Insulated metal wall panels provide a firm seal against heat loss and restrict the release of odor. Westhead develops facilities for many types of controlled environments. Our experience with clean rooms, refrigeration and cold storage, modular in-plant office buildings, and other custom steel fabrications puts us at the forefront of the rapid assembly, medicinal marijuana grow room industry.


Case Study

The following example illustrates how important Insulated Metal Panels can be for new medical marijuana growing operations.

Because the use of IMPs ensures a sealed environment that is guarded from insects and other external contaminants, Insulated Metal Panels also eliminate the need for pesticides. This can be a critical detail in the setup of medical marijuana growing operations, because many different restrictions for the use of pesticides in medical marijuana cultivation are in force for several states, including New Jersey. While many states still permit certain pesticides, overuse and water contamination are emerging problems as more people participate in the industry.

A client in New Jersey who used IMPs in the initial setup for their medical marijuana grow operation did not use pesticides of any kind. He had two competitors that employed pesticides who were subsequently disqualified from further participation in medical marijuana cultivation. This gave our client exclusive rights to the medicinal marijuana market in New Jersey.

For businesses seeking to develop an optimized medical marijuana grow operation that produces high quality organic marijuana and meets stringent medical regulatory requirements, Westhead’s modular approach sets up a scalable, pre-engineered growing facility with a better final product. Legalizing marijuana has created new opportunities for businesses in many states and, as legislation continues to ease restrictions on its use, marijuana cultivation is poised to become a thriving and profitable industry. Give us a call today and find out how we can put you on the path to success: 1-856-727-0210.